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The Clan Chisholm Society


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Executive Clan Council

President: Juliette Chisholm-Broomfield | Email
Vice President: Robert Chisholm | Email
Vice President: David Holmes | Email
Secretary/Treasurer: Susan Chisholm of Chisholm | Email

Representatives/Branch Presidents

In general, Branch Representatives (referred to at the branch level as Branch Presidents or Branch Chairpersons) serve as Clan Council Representatives. Exceptions are noted.

Council Representative Kim Polley | Email
Branch President: Tony Morrison | Email

Branch President and Council Representative: David Holmes | Email

New Zealand
Council Representative: Fay D. Chisholm | Email
Branch President: John C. Ross, Ph.D. | Email

United Kingdom
Branch President and Council Representative: Ben Chisholm Broomfield | Email

United States
Branch President and Council Representative: Joyel Chisholm Morris | Email

Non-Governing Council Members

Clan Chisholm Artifacts Register Project Chair: Fay D. Chisholm | Email
Chisholm Chronicles Editor: Dr. Margaret Collin | Email
Clan Chisholm Journal Editor: Martin Chisholm | Email
Genealogy Database, Forum Administrator and Clan Council Liaison: Alastair Chisholm (England) | Email
Counsel: Judge Marc C. Chisholm
Historian: Jean Dunlop Munro
Webmaster: Alastair Chisholm (Belgium) | Email
DNA Project Administration: Robert Chisholm | Email

Co-Opted Council Members

Immediate Past President: Val Chisholm Perry | Email
Co-Opted Council Member: Forbes Merritt Chisholm | Email
Co-Opted Council Member: Duncan Chisholm | Email