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Fay D. Chisholm

New Zealand Council Representative

Clan Chisholm Artefacts Register Project Chair

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About Fay

Fay Chisholm became involved in the Clan Chisholm Society when she and her husband were on holiday in the United Kingdom in 1990, which was the year she met the former Clan Council/UK President. With his encouragement, Fay later became Founding President of the New Zealand Branch in 1992, when her husband (who has been a member and later a Life member of the UK for many, many years), along with another Life member of the UK who resides in NZ, set about forming the NZ Branch. In February 1993, Fay was elected NZ Branch President, a position she held until April 2004.

While serving as NZ Branch President, Fay was always part of the Clan Council, but until 2001 had very little involvement in Council affairs; this all changed with the election of Society President Merritt Chisholm and the setting up of a true Clan Council. From the outset of the new Clan Council, Fay has taken an active part in all Council work and will continue to do so as part of her duties as the NZ Branch Representative to the Society Clan Council.

For more than 40 years, Fay and her husband have both been busy researching their respective family histories. When the NZ Branch was formed, they made it one of their priorities to appoint a NZ Branch Historian to collate Chisholm family histories, of which there are now 19 known families in NZ. Oher branches have now established Historians as well, and they all work together via e-mail.