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The Clan Chisholm Artifacts Report


Index to Clan Chisholm registered Artifacts

Artifact or Artefact?
The Oxford English Dictionary describes the two spellings:
Artefact is considered the English spelling (cf arterial, artesan, etc), while
Artifact is considered the "colonial" spelling (cf artificial, arti...)

Military Bugle, New Zealand
Small Oak Box with inscription, UK
Sheriffmuir Claymore, Canada
Crystal Decanter with inscription, USA
Gallery Paintings, Scotland
Mantlepiece from Erchless Castle
Chisholm Estate Letters, Scotland
Tablecloth & Napkins with inscription, USA
Large Oak Box, Scotland
Culloden Markers, Scotland
Armorial Bookplates, UK
Tartan Cloak, Scotland
Broadswords, Scotland
Armorial Bookplate, Canada
Ferios Ferio Cupboard Door, Unknown
Medlam Files, Canada
Waterloo silver spoons, UK
Scott Chisholme Manuscript, Scotland
Gun Flints, UK
Dirk Blade and Sword Fragments, Scotland
Letters of Junius, Canada
Sporting Gun (Roderick D.M. Chisholm), UK
Highland Flintlock Dress Pistols, UK
Silver Shield Plate, UK