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Margaret Chisholm

Former Genealogist, Australia Branch

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About Margaret

Margaret Chisholm became interested in genealogy when she went to her first meeting of the Victorian Branch of the Clan Chisholm Society in 1963 and was asked by the Clan Historian Royena Chisholm from what part of Scotland her Chisholms came. As she did not know, she was told to find out and now knows they came from Tynehead in the parish of Crichton in Midlothian.

She is a retired public servant having worked for the Commonwealth Public Service in various departments for 41 years.

Margaret was appointed Clan Genealogist when the Australian Branch was given copies of Wilfrid Medlam's charts. Since then she built on the information in the charts and in the book "The Clan Chisholm in Australia 1790-1990" using publicly available information to produce Reunion family history reports in five volumes. Margaret served as the Australia Branch Genealogist through the year 2004.

Publication: Chisholm Families of Australia, Vol. 1 - 5